2015-05-21-FR-McConnell Mitch-1

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) walks towards the Senate chamber for a vote to end debate on giving President Obama fast-track authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. It was still not clear if McConnell had secured the 60 votes necessary to invoke cloture. (The Hill)

2015-05-21-FR-McConnell Mitch-2

Reporters chase after McConnell after the end of the vote. The dramatic cloture vote remained stuck at 54-38 for several minutes as several mostly Democratic senators held up their votes while they tried to strike a deal with McConnell. (The Hill)

2015-05-21-FR-McConnell Mitch-3

McConnell speaks with the media after he successfully pushed the trade authority legislation past the procedural vote. The Senate voted to end debate by 62-38. (The Hill)