2015-04-28-FR-gay marriage-1

A demonstrator waves the rainbow flag outside the Supreme Court while oral arguments are heard on the question of whether there is a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry. (The Hill)

2015-04-28-FR-gay marriage-2

Pastor Larry Hickam expresses his disapproval of same-sex marriage outside the Supreme Court Building. He traveled from Amarillo, Texas with his son Caleb, inspired to “preach on the streets” during the arguments. (The Hill)

2015-04-28-FR-gay marriage-3

Daily Show Correspondent Jessica Williams,left, interviews Darren Nimnicht, right, and his husband Tom Scicero for a segment. (The Hill)

2015-04-28-FR-gay marriage-4

Mary Bonauto, the lead lawyer arguing on behalf of the plantiffs, addresses with the media following oral arguments. (The Hill)

Bonauto leaves the Supreme Court, to the cheers of supporters. (The Hill)

2015-04-28-FR-gay marriage-6

Ijpe DeKoe holds his husband Thom Kostura. Both men are plaintiffs in the the case against the state of Tennessee. (The Hill)

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